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"TinTones - Rough Print" - Exhibition by the German / American artist Michael A. Russ

Fascinating contemporary artworks in a unique Lambda - Edition

New York, Paris, Los Angeles, Hamburg, Munich and Berlin are the most important stations of Russ's creative input while developing his distinctive form of expressionism. 43 years of photography and film are the basis for the multi-faceted mastery of his art.

"Russ's pictures reveal the sensuality and aestheticism of the female body. They reflect a spectacular experimental power, incorporating various photographic techniques, like layering, solarization and rayogramming to his negative/positive images. The artist's imaginative, partly eccentric arrangements evoke an atmosphere of mood which lends character and irresistible attraction taking the viewers mind effortlessly to the surreal world of motion pictures." - Kunst Magazin Berlin

"His approach to photography is with the eyes of a painter working with light." - Tom Waits

Michael A. Russ, born in Berlin in 1945 came to America at age thirteen. He studied dance and theatre in Colorado and after a stint in the US Army in his native Germany he settled in NY. His career as a photographer and film-maker began in a small studio at New York Times Square in 1969. In New York he was very influenced by Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg and later Helmut Newton. Soon he was getting assignments for major international magazines. Among others he collaborated with Esquire, GQ, Cosmopolitan, Playboy and in Europe with Avant Guarde Mag, Gunnars, Vogue Hommes (F) and his hand colored Tint-One images were published in reputable trade magazines.

Aside from working as a consultant on various film projects, he focused on developing his TinTone processes which would henceforth reflect his style of handcolored, tinted 'one of a kind', silver-gelatine prints. His edition "The Compagnie" became part of the permanent collection of the Musee des Arts Decoratifs, a Louvre annex.

Russ also photographed celebrities for the L.A. Times and L.A. Weekly. Beginning with his 'Prussian Blue' exhibition at the L.A. China Club he focused on exhibiting his Fine Art TinTones, large format. Tom Waits commissioned him to create his Island label record cover "Swordfishtrombones" in the TinTone style. See more about Michael A. Russ' Swordfishtrombones fine art print editions also in the Swordfishtrombones Cover Art Gallery >>.
Michael was also the associate director and choreographer on the music video to the song "In the Neighbourhood" from that album for MTV.

Michael A. Russ's avantguardistic approach to photography resulted in his TinTone process, based on 35mm black and white film. His "one of a kind" silver gelatine prints are some-times chemically toned/tinted, often masked/solarized and handcolored. Many years of experimentation and exposure through numerous international portfolio publications and exhibitions of TinTone prints make his limited edition artworks unique and valuable.

         Portrait M. A. Russ by Korean photographer Yun Changho
Portrait of M. A. Russ by Korean photographer Yun Changho

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