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In times of globalization, the intercultural dialogue is becoming increasingly important. ART PLACE SEOUL promotes mutual understanding between Korea and Germany through cultural exchange and international art projects especially with artists from both countries.

We foster the dialogue of artists and cultures - we building bridges - we show the power of art.  Participate - enjoy - be inspired!

Seoul impressions Man of Isolation Berlin impressions Fire Within - art based on photography by Michael A. Russ At the former Art Center Berlin Friedrichstrasse At the former Art Center Berlin Friedrichstrasse-2 At the former Art Center Berlin Friedrichstrasse-3 At the former Art Center Berlin Friedrichstrasse-4 gala-sascha In the exhibition at art place berlin


PARK, Ki-Woong, Man of Isolation, 2006-17 (The Dragon), welded steel, 210x102x12cm


The Fire Within - Neg/Pos, TinTone by Michael A. Russ, Fine Art Print on AluDiBond-Silver-ThyssenKrupp-Industrial, 150x100cm, edition of 7

At the former Art Center Berlin Friedrichstrasse

Guided exhibition at Art Place Seoul

At the former Art Center Berlin Friedrichstrasse

At the former Art Center Berlin Friedrichstrasse

One of my favorite artworks

In the current exhibition at 'art place berlin'

ART PLACE SEOUL is a private, non-commercial initiative to support art and artists and for cultural exchange. It was founded in 2011 by Ms Yusimi Ass, a native of South Korean who lives in Germany for decades. During her time in Germany she was particularly impressed by the peaceful reunification of the formerly divided Germany because she knows in Korea, the desire for the reunification of the country lives on.

As an art lover with many years experience in art consulting and organizing exhibitions she have a special focus on Seoul and Berlin, two exciting metropolises for art and culture. ART PLACE SEOUL is building a cultural bridge between the metropolises Seoul and Berlin through art exhibitions, projects and events. From the very begining 'art place berlin - forum for contemporary art and intercultural projects' is a partner for cooperation.

We cordially invite you to participate in future projects. Your support and suggestions are welcome.

Contact Ms Yusimi: